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Consultation and medication for your pet

We stock a full range of medications for treating your pet’s conditions. Some are termed ‘Prescription Only’ medications whilst others are available over the counter.

‘Prescription Only’ medications are controlled by law and can only be prescribed by a veterinarian after examining your pet. In some circumstances, medications can be redispensed (as repeat scripts) without the need to re-examine your pet for a specific period of time. After this time we will need to re-examine your pet for further medication to be dispensed. Medication can only be redispensed for the same animal for the same medical condition and by law we can never redispense medications if the animal has not been examined for longer than 12 months, even if it is for the same condition.

If you wish to reorder medication, please call our centre. The receptionist will inform you whether the medication can be redispensed or whether a consultation is required.

Unfortunately veterinary medications are not subsidised as human medications are, which means medications for pets after often more expensive.

Where possible we stock generic medications to try and keep costs as affordable as possible.