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Dog and Cat Desexing

Day procedures for your pet in Newcastle

Many people are often undecided whether they should desex their pet. There are many reasons for and very few against desexing. The reasons for desexing include:

  • Behavioural benefits – entire animals may show increased aggression, urine marking, wandering and sometimes increased anxiety.
  • Health benefits – entire females may suffer from ovarian/uterine tumours, pyometras, endometriosis, sex hormone dermatological conditions and mammary tumours. Entire males may suffer from prostate disorders, testicular tumours and perineal hernias. All these conditions are either non existent or uncommon in desexed animals.
  • Unwanted pregnancies can result in overpopulation, unwanted litters or expensive emergency caesarians. If your animal requires a caesarean it will often be required at night and may cost several thousand dollars.
  • Phantom pregnancies in female dogs are normal and can involve weight loss and inappetance. Similarly female cats can cycle continuously resulting in weight loss, inappetance and behavioural changes until they are mated.

The main concerns people often have with desexing involves weight gain, urinary incontinence and behavioural changes. Desexing does lower metabolic rates so we normally recommend a lower calorie diet. Urinary incontinence can occasionally occur in female dogs and it can be treated with one of a range of cost effective medications. Behavioural changes are uncommon. It is worth considering that behavioural changes are much more likely if you move house, get a new pet or have someone new living in the house.

We normally recommend desexing dogs at 5-6 months of age and cats from 4 months of age, before animals reach their sexual maturity. The surgical procedure is safe, quick and effective with very few risks involved. It is a day procedure and your pet will be admitted and discharged on the same day. Analgesia is always provided to our patients but if your pet appears painful after a procedure additional pain relief can always be prescribed.

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Desexing both male and female cats will help prevent urine marking, territorial behaviour, fighting, roaming, injuries and unwanted kittens.

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Many owners of male dogs are reluctant to have their dog desexed or 'fixed'. There are many health and behaviour benefits to desexing your dog so are there any alternatives? A contraceptive implant is available for male dogs that temporarily suppresses testosterone without the need for surgical intervention.

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